Together Including Every Student

  What is TIES?

Together Including Every Student (TIES), developed in 1997 by two parents of children who have disabilities, promotes the participation of students and young adults (Participants) who have developmental disabilities in inclusive, organized extracurricular and community activities through the support of trained student Volunteers.

Fairport TIES Program Coordinator:

Kristen Lopez


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Students (ages 8-21) who have disabilities join activities where they can develop recreational interests, learn about their community, and have fun with peers.

Peer volunteers

Students (grades 8-12) learn how to support participants according to their individual needs, gain more understanding of disabilities and diversity, and make a positive difference in a peer’s life.

Activity leaders 

create an experience where all individuals and talents are included, and promote community awareness and inclusion.

How long is each activity?

An activity may be one event, such as attending a school dance or after school football game, or an ongoing class (dance, martial arts, music, gymnastics) or continuing participation in a community organization such as Scouts. If an activity is ongoing, two or more peer volunteers may share the commitment.

What does an activity look like?

It can be any organized recreational or extracurricular school activity in which students typically take part. TIES arranges a trained student partner for each participant to facilitate a successful experience for all members of the group.


               What are people saying about TIES?

~Volunteers are amazing! (MANY parents and activity leaders)

~we had peace of mind while our son enjoyed an activity (from parent)

~TIES Volunteer was enthusiastic-(from parent)

~Having someone to ski with and help me be brave going up in the chair and have fun was most meaningful (from Participant)

~feeling like our son was a part of something his peers do on a regular basis was most meaningful (from parent)

~I learned the benefit a great match (volunteer) can have on a child's self esteem (from parent)

~My son really enjoys feeling like he belongs (from parent)

~Volunteer was patient, fun and absolutely awesome (from parent and Participant)

~TIES is an excellent program for inclusive opportunities (parents) 

~I liked the Halloween dance event, it was very enjoyable (from Volunteer)

~it was a fun activity to do with the Participant (from Volunteer)

~I learned to have better patience (from Volunteer)