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Fairhaven High School Media Production

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Who are we?

We are recipients of 2 National NATAS Student Production Award, 18 NATAS New England Student Production awards, we are Fairhaven High School's Media Production Program, BDTV-Blue Devil Television.

The Media Production program was created in 1999, and continues to grow in the 21st century. You can view BDTV on Comcast Channel 9 in Fairhaven, MA.

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Mission Statement

The philosophy of Fairhaven High School’s Media Production program is dedicated to motivating, inspiring, empowering and engaging all students to become life-long learners within a rigorous technical and creative multimedia program.

Our core belief is to create respectful, tolerant, responsible citizens of the 21st century in a safe and secure learning environment. The course aligns with the standards set forth by the Massachusetts Department of Education Media Arts Frameworks, the Massachusetts VVideo and Radio Production Vocational Technical (VTE) Frameworks , and the National Media Art Frameworks.

Course Offerings

Media Production 1, classes 9-12 is designed to introduce students to the Media Industry with emphasis on the fundamentals of video photography, video sequencing, audio recording, and video editing. Using state of the art professional video equipment, students explore the technical and creative art skills needed to construct a compelling visual story. This course also encourages students to look at media critically, expound on the essential 21st media literacy skills, and promote visual communication.

Media Production II, grades 10-12, challenges students to advance their media production skills with an emphasis on improved visual storytelling, writing for video, advancing video photography, and utilizing new video editing techniques. Students explore opportunities to produce fictional and nonfictional films including broadcast journalism, short filmmaking, portfolio development, and studio production techniques.

Media Production III, grades 11-12, challenges motivated students to apply and advance their media production skills emphasizing professional and high quality video projects. Students are empowered to create meaningful and compelling video projects that are shared with the world. Topics include photojournalism, journalistic decision making, writing powerfully, basic animation, short film making, hand held video photography, music video production, portfolio development, and using video to create an experience for a viewer.

Media Production IV, grades 12, This course is designed for serious students who have successfully completed Media Production I, II, III, and have a strong passion to further their communication education after high school. Students independently focus on improving the quality of their work while enriching and mastering new techniques. Media IV students become leaders of the Media Production program, inspiring and leading a new generation of media students. Topics include community outreach, advanced journalism, introduction to marketing, video art, short filmmaking, public service announcements, and advanced video editing techniques. This course also promotes students to develop a strong portfolio that can be submitted to colleges.

Media Art Frameworks