Voter Information

Important Information for Voters

To participate in the September 24 bond referendum, you must be registered with your Fair Haven address by Tuesday, September 3. That’s right after Labor Day, so plan ahead!

Monmouth Co Voter Registration Form.pdf

Voter Registration Application

To register, or to update your registration, print and mail the Voter Registration Application form, and send it by August 26. More information, and a form in Spanish, are available from the Monmouth County Clerk’s Office.

If you are already registered to vote in Fair Haven, you are eligible to participate in this special referendum. There is no need to re-register.

Not sure of your registration status? The State of New Jersey maintains a Voter Information website where you can see if you are registered, and with which address.

You can also check where you vote by using the state’s Polling Place Search.

Vote by Mail

An easy way to vote is to send your ballot by mail. It’s convenient, and you don’t need a special reason why you can’t get to the polls. Complete the Vote By Mail Ballot Application form, and send it by about September 4. Allow time for it to travel to the County Clerk’s Office, for an actual ballot to be mailed back to you, and to mark and return the ballot with a postmark no later than September 24. There are ways to deliver that application or obtain a ballot without using the mail; visit the Monmouth County Clerk’s Office for those details and for an application in Spanish.

Monmouth Co Vote By Mail Application.pdf


If you voted by mail in the 2016 President Election, a relatively new law in New Jersey requires the county clerk to send you a ballot for future elections – even if you don’t specifically request one. Be on the lookout for that ballot for the September 24 Fair Haven Public Schools bond referendum.

If you go to the polls on September 24, and are turned away because you were sent a Vote By Mail ballot, ask to submit a “provisional ballot.” In the days after the vote, officials will compare who mailed in ballots against the list of provisional ballots. Duplicates won’t be counted, but a provisional ballot will be added to the tally once a cross-check shows the voter used just one method to vote.

Specific Polling Information to be Listed Once Details for Tuesday, September 24th are Set