Reopening Plan

Please Click Here for more information about 2 additional Q&A sessions to answer your questions about topics regarding the current status of our school reopening operation.

Our final Reopening Plan contains a tremendous amount of information. In an effort to make this information more digestible, we have put together the following easier to read documents that we believe highlight the important pieces of information. (Click Here for the Full Reopening Plan and Local Protocols). You will also find a link to the Full Time Virtual Learning Option Request Form below.

User Friendly Reopening Plan Highlights

FH User Friendly Reopening Plan Highlights (1).pdf

Reopening Plan Overview Slides Presentation

Fall 2020 Reopening Plan Slides.pdf

To Request Full-Time Remote Virtual Learning Option:

Families shall submit a request via the Request for Full-time Virtual Learning Option Form by the end of day Thursday, August 13th. (NOTE: This is an extended deadline due to the disruption of the Virtual Q&A Sessions by storm related power failures.)

Contact Us:

To assist in meeting your needs, please email any questions about our reopening plan to and we will use them to update our FAQ’s portion of the website.