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This tab contains our latest and past installments of The Falcon Report. It is an easy way to locate and access Ludlowe's latest news reports.

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The A.O.W. is a weekly installment of editorials featuring important and relevant topics or further exploring news packages that have appeared on our show. Stories we may not have been able to include in the show could appear in these articles! Feel free to contact us with any issues or topics you wish to be written about.

The Sport Report:

Here, you will be updated with important upcoming games, featured pictures, and The Falcon Report's "Player of the Week". The "Player of the Week" is where a new weekly athlete who made a significant impact in their sport will be featured with a special description highlighting their achievement. (All featured photos and athletes will be voted for on the "Polls" tab)


Our Polls tab is a fun way so that anyone can voice their own opinions on certain debated or intriguing topics. We offer a variety of weekly-changing sports and media polls where the results will be revealed towards the end of the week.

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