Under Pressure - Mindfulness for Teens

Week 2 - October 1

1. Audio File for Sitting Meditation

2. Sitting Meditation (Audio) 10:00

Counting Meditation (Verbal)

Sit or lie on your back and count slowly in your mind from 100 to 1; counting backward requires more concentration and will help you stay more focused. Try not to think about other things and just stay with the numbers. If you lose your count, start again from 100. If you reached 1, stay in silence for a few more moments.

This is a great exercise for developing concentration, and if you can focus enough just to reach 1 without getting distracted, you will have a beautiful and very relaxing inward experience. Try and see for yourself!

Week 1 - Sept. 24th

1. Audio File for Mindful Breathing

2. Thought Hunter (read the directions below to the class and practice for 1-2 minutes):

Sit still with your eyes closed or looking down at the floor, and count slowly from 1 to 10. If any thought comes into your mind, immediately go back to 1. Watch for even the smallest thought. It is a practice of sincerity between you and yourself, so even the smallest thought, even a sound, even the thought ā€œIā€™m already at number 3ā€... you need to go back to 1.

This exercise helps us become more aware of our thoughts. The thoughts we are not aware of are the ones that make us feel what we feel and want what we want and push us into actions we might not have done with more conscious thought.

The first step in being able to change our thoughts and redirect where our life is heading is to be aware of those small quiet thoughts. One to two minutes of this exercise is more than enough.