Blended & Remote Learning Plan (RLP)

Dear Fairfield Families,

This plan is provided to you to clearly define actions to be taken in the event our school district is forced, due to COVID-19, to transition to a Blended or a fully Remote Learning Plan (RLP).

The uncertainty caused by COVID-19 requires we plan for any eventuality ranging from Traditional in-school learning to full Remote learning from home.

We have researched and reviewed best practices for all scenarios and have tried to incorporate them into our Fairfield Education Learning Plan. However, as we continue to learn and improve, our learning plans may change. If we make changes to these plans you will be notified through our normal communication channels.

It is our sincere hope that neither the Blended nor the Remote Learning Plan (RLP) will be utilized. We are sharing these learning plans with you now so in the event we do need to activate either plan you and your child will be prepared. In the event we transition to either a Blended or a Remote Learning Plan we will communicate the change as early as possible.

Tim Dettwiller

Blended Model Updated 11-13.pdf

Blended Model

In the event that Fairfield Local would have to go to a Blended Model for a period of time, students would be split up into two groups. (Group A & Group B)

Students would attend in-person classes two days a week and participate in online learning three days a week.

Remote Learning Plan (RLP)

In the event that Fairfield Local would have to go to a Remote Learning Plan (RLP) for a period of time, students will follow their structured scheduled outline below. Learning will combine live Google Meet sessions with activities assigned in Google Classroom. All lessons will be provided, monitored and facilitated by each student’s assigned Fairfield Local teacher. Students will log-in through Google Meet at the assigned times for direct instruction and then have time to work independently on Google Classroom activities. Attendance will be taken during daily Google Meet classes or with evidence of participation in Google Classroom. Grading policies will remain the same as they are with in-person learning.

Elementary (K-2nd) - Remote Learning Plan

K-2nd Grade

Elementary 3-5 - Remote Learning Plan


Middle School - Remote Learning Plan


High School - Remote Learning Plan