Expanding Affordable Healthcare Access In The Lone Star State

About Fair Deal Texas

Our Mission

At Fair Deal Texas, we are dedicated to shaping a more equitable and sustainable healthcare landscape in the Lone Star State. We believe that every Texan deserves access to affordable, high-quality healthcare, and our mission is to turn this vision into reality.

Helping Hand

Our zero-cost program offering direct assistance to the low-income community with healthcare-related services such as Medicare/Medicaid enrollment, finding doctors, appealing denials, and more.

What We Do

Through research, advocacy, and collaborative policy development, we address the most pressing healthcare challenges facing Texans today. From rural healthcare accessibility to innovative urban health solutions, our focus is on creating policies that work for all.

Join Us

Your voice matters. Join us in our journey to transform Texas healthcare. Whether you’re a healthcare professional, a policy enthusiast, or simply a concerned citizen, there’s a place for you at Fair Deal Texas. Together, we can make a lasting impact.

Fair Deal Texas

Austin, TX