Who Killed Lori Lynn?

Who Killed Lori Lynn

Sponsored and paid for by family and friends of Lori. We are dedicated to tracking down the killers by obtaining investigative leads and information in order bring Lori's killer or killers to justice. 

About Lori Lynn

Lori Lynn was born on April 25, 1957 and was the daughter of Howard J. Pullin, Jr.and Wanda Jeanne McCormick Pullin. She attended Liberty High School in Liberty Township north of Youngstown, Ohio. She was in the graduating class of June 1975.

The Case

On the morning of August 1, 2017 Lori Lynn left her home in Ravenna, Ohio to pick up her mother, Wanda Pullin, in Liberty Township, Ohio. She was picking up her mother to take her to Trumbull County Court House in order to file property records. On the way to her mother's house Lori called her mother several times but was not able to make contact. She pulled into her mother's residence and parked in the driveway. Her mother was not home.




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