Tools & Soutions

AviX Method uses MTM-based standard times to analyze work operations and create basic data for balancing and calculation.

A simple and rapid method of analysis provides detailed information of times of individual work operations to full production lines.

The standard times given can be used for improvement work, capacity calculations and as a basis of decisions.

Video film

The use of video technology create commitment among the employees, and the production itself is not disturbed.

Video has many advantages such as support for fast and accurate method analyzes and provides a visual aid for communicating improvements and results.

Find the improvement potential

AviX Method can distinguish which elements of the assembly process that consume the most resources. This makes it easy to identify the areas with the greatest potential for improvement. The time saving is simulated directly for various improvement proposals and provide increased decision support for future investments.

Simplified communication

The combination of detailed and aggregated times, colors and video do AviX Method to a flexible teaching tool for presentations. It has never been easier to explain a complex assembly process. This advantage is a must for companies that strive to be the best in the world in their field.


Material Flow Cost Accounting (MFCA) – ISO 14051

Management tool that can assist organizations to better understand the potential environmental and financial consequences of their material and energy use practices, and seek opportunities to achieve both environmental and financial improvements via changes in those practices (ISO 14051).

Tool for quantifying the flows and stocks of materials in processes or production lines in both physical and monetary units (ISO 14051).

Generating financial benefits, while reducing environmental impacts.

The Enterprise Visual Management Platform

One solution to deploy all Visual Management across your organization.

iObeya mimics the experience of paper-based Visual Management for immediate adoption and a seamless transition to digital. Easy to configure and use, the solution digitizes visual boards and tools, removing paper limitations while safeguarding human interactions, offering a unique collaborative experience for all your teams’ meeting rituals.

  • Simple to use with an attractive design
  • Paper-like tools and realistic interactions
  • Optimized for large-format touch screens

IKS is a professional web-based

e-Kanban system.

IKS creates a real Kanban based

PULL system through

your Supply-Chain!

Real-Time visibility for suppliers, buyers, operators and analysts

Easy to use for employees and suppliers Þ less training for both parties

High flexible process design (classic Kanban, Traffic-light scheduling, VMI, Min/Max, re-order point,…)

User developed functions like spike demand management, seasonal demand handling,…

Performance metrics for continuous improvement like inventory levels, consumptions, on-time deliveries, (supplier) lead-times, inventory turns, inventory ranges, Kanban box optimization,…

Early warning system to avoid material shortages and line-stoppages

Generic interface, working for together with each ERP/MRP system

Low cost interface realization •

Atop has been devoted to develop Pick-to-light products for more than 20 years.

Pick-to-Light System is an advanced paperless picking system providing an innovative, streamlined and cost-effective solution to simplify the order fulfillment process in warehouses or distribution centers. Atop’s Pick-to-Light System uses a state-of-the-art and light-directed technology to maximize the picking productivity, speed and accuracy in different picking operation