Professional Profile

Professional Profile

Currently an electrical engineering student at Portland State University interested in EE applications in astronautics. An active member of the Portland State Aerospace Society.

Six year background in teaching at the middle and high school levels in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.

Continuing in the field of education as a substitute teacher for the Portland Public School District, and as a volunteer manager at the Electronics Prototyping Lab at Portland State.

Teaching Philosophy

The basis of my teaching philosophy lies in the fact that students learn best when they enjoy learning. The requirement for enjoyable learning is an environment where students feel safe enough to make mistakes, ask questions, and are able to focus and enter that flow state where everything else in the world falls away and they're able to dedicate themselves to a fun but challenging problem or question.

As a teacher, it's my duty to create this environment where expectations are clear, where students feel welcome to share their ideas, to learn without disruption, to develop relationships with other students as fellow learners, and where students actually look forward to class that day because they're excited, or at the very least interested, in what we're learning about that day.

In putting forth the effort and care into creating this environment, I hope that students also feel safe enough to speak to me whenever they need to, and I will do my best as a professional to take their personal needs into consideration to teach them as individuals and to help them grow into good people.