Enroll to be paid 5% of every transaction commission with EXPI stock issued at a 10% discount.

Eligibility: All agents and brokers in Good Standing with eXp are eligible to participate in the Program.

Issuance of Shares As Payment of Commission: By submitting this Election Form, Participant authorizes eXp to set aside five percent (5%) of Participant’s net amount of Contractor Dollar (after splits, fees, and any other required withholdings) (“Shares for Payment”) on Transactions which close in Participant’s name, commencing with Transactions closing on or after Participant’s Onboard Date.

Price of Issued Shares: The price for Shares issued under the Program shall be at a ten percent (10%) discount to the fair market value of EXPI’s common stock, as determined by the closing market price of EXPI’s common stock on the last trading day of the month during which the closing on Transactions from which a Shares for Payment has been authorized.

Issuance Date: Shares under the Program shall be issued on the last trading day of the month during which the closing on Transactions from which a Shares for Payment has been authorized results in an accumulated Shares for Payment amount of not less than the purchase price of one whole share (each an “Issue Date”).

Custody of Shares: All Shares issued under the Program shall initially be placed and held in an account created in Participant’s name with Shareworks by Morgan Stanley.

Associated Costs: Ownership of Shares issued under the Program may come with associated costs imposed by third parties, including but not limited to, fees that may be imposed by a stockbroker, financial services broker of Participant’s choosing, or others.

Issuance Errors: In the event Participant identifies an error in any issued Shares received under the Program, Participant must notify EXPI as soon as possible by writing to the Stock Plan Services team via electronic mail at When contacting the Stock Plan Services team, Participant must provide (1) their name and Agent ID number; (2) the Transaction number or property address of the Transaction that is the basis of the Shares issued with the error; and (3) a description of what Participant believes is wrong and a clear explanation of why Participant believes it is an error. If Participant does not notify the Stock Plan Services team within 30 (thirty) days after the Issue Date, the issuance will be deemed to be correct and Participant will not be able to dispute any errors. If Participant notifies EXPI orally, EXPI will require Participant to send the notice in writing in the manner described above within 2 (two) business days, which shall not toll the 30 (thirty) day notice period in any way. The Stock Plan Services team will notify Participant of the results of their investigation and if it is concluded that no error has occurred, they will send Participant an explanation. If it is concluded there was an error, the Stock Plan Services team will correct the error and notify Participant.

Cancellation of Participation: Any Participant may cancel his or her participation in the Program by completing a new Election Form online.

Modification or Termination: The Program is subject to modification or termination at the discretion of the Company’s Board of Directors.


You may find the U.S. tax treatment information for participation in the Agent Equity Program here.