On this 100th Year Remember...

November 5th marked a century after the horrific lynching of George Taylor. This anniversary has inspired a coalition of students, teachers, spiritual, and civic leaders to form the Wake County Truth & Reconciliation Committee. Out of that Committee came a community soil collection and the Citizen's Promise.

Citizen's Promise

I pledge…

... To remember all those who have been victims of any injustice.

... To choose to create an opportunity for reconciliation in our community.

... To promise to no longer remain silent or passive in the face of White Supremacy, racial hatred, or any social injustice.


Although our soil collection is completed, our students continue to seek new signers for the Citizen's Promise. There is also a broader community group working toward identifying a location for a historical marker in the Rolesville region, and working to bring home Wake County's steel monument for George Taylor.

Wake County Community Remembrance Coalition Meeting

Feb 11, 7pm,1116 N Blount St

Co-Leaders: Chalice Overy, AME Pastor and Melissa Florer-Bixler, Mennonite Pastor.

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Move cursor to the top right of the document and click on the arrow. Print the the promise and mail it (with your soil) to Exploris Middle School or Middle Creek High School.


Click on the Google Form or the link below.


It is optional to mail or deliver your "soil" to one of our soil collection sites, Exploris Middle School or Middle Creek High School.

2018 Wake County's Truth, Reconciliation, and Remembrance Soil Collection.


October 30 - November 5 - Citizen's Promise and Soil Collection - Exploris and Middle Creek students will coordinate soil collections and enter handwritten "promises" into the Google form (database).

Saturday, Nov. 3 - Beth Meyer Synagogue Service began at 9:30am. "Remember George Taylor" Exploris educator, Shannon Hardy, will speak with Exploris students, Lev and Asher Cohen, and Lucas Bhar. (504 Newton Rd, Raleigh, NC 27615)

Saturday, Nov. 3 - Little House Museum and Gallery (201 N Main St, Rolesville, NC 27571) . Please join us between 10am and Noon this Saturday, November 3, 2018, as we observe the "100th Anniversary of the George Taylor Lynching of November 1918." The event included Middle Creek senior and graphic artist, Yancey Greer reading the Citizen's Promie, and presentation of Dough Gilliam's Memory Jar to Rolesville Historian, Terry Marcellin-Little.

Sunday, Nov. 4 - Raleigh Friends Meeting (Quakers) Worship 10:00 AM, 11:30 AM Sunday Nov. 5 adult education program "Truth and Reconciliation Project: 1918 George Taylor Lynching in Wake County". Public is invited to share, worship, and/or participate in the 11:30 program. (625 Tower St, Raleigh NC 27607)

Wednesday, November 7 (4pm) - Wake County Truth & Reconciliation Meeting in Justice Center lobby.

Wednesday, November 7 (5pm) - Students deliver soil to Wake County Commissioners at their regular meeting, and ask Wake County Commissioners to bring home the Wake County column home from Montgomery, Alabama.

Tuesday, November 13 (3pm) - Students will present their work and soil to the Wake County Historic Preservation Committee, and ask them to assist in bringing the Wake County column home from Montgomery, Alabama.

November 20 - Students report and ask for City of Raleigh support in bringing home the Wake County column. 1pm

Friday, December 7 - Students presented to Campbell Law School 8:30-9:30.

Thursday, December 13,14 - Montgomery, Alabama - Middle Creek and Exploris students went to EJI to deliver Wake County's soil in Montgomery, Alabama.

Friday, December 14 - Montgomery, Alabama- Exploris and Middle Creek students deliver soil jar to EJI

Thursday, December 13,14 - Montgomery, Alabama - Middle Creek and Exploris students went to EJI to deliver Wake County's soil in Montgomery, Alabama.

Community Remembrance Project

Soil collection from two dozen racial terror lynchings.

Wake County's

Hanging Column

This column hangs in Montgomery, Alabama as a symbol of the 1918 lynching of George Taylor.

Wake County's


A second column waits to be brought home to Wake County from the Peace & Justice Memorial.

Downtown Soil Collection Site:

The Exploris School

Shannon Hardy, Teacher

401 Hillsborough Street

Raleigh, NC 27603


Western Wake Soil Collection Site

Middle Creek High School

Matt Scialdone, Teacher

123 Middle Creek Park

Apex, NC 27539


Eastern Wake Soil Collection Site:

Knightdale High School

Ken Whisler, Teacher

100 Bryan Chalk Drive

Knightdale, NC 27545