Historical Markers Touring Map

This map shows the location of hundreds of historical in the City of Atlanta. It also contains nine suggested tour routes that you can take on your own or with friends. These can be walking, biking or driving tours depending on your personal needs and preferences.

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MAP TIPS: Start by opening the Map Legend (click on the square icon to the left of the map title below). Use the checkboxes in the legend to reveal the nine touring routes. When you zoom in, you will notice large concentrations of markers in certain areas (e.g., Collier Hills, Inman Park, West Atlanta). Civil War battles took place in these neighborhoods. Google My Maps (the app used to create this map) limits the number of stops on any given tour route to ten. When you visit these areas in person, you may see several markers within a few feet of each other. If you make time to read them, you will begin to "connect the dots" of what happened in these historic places. If you share your experiences on social media, please include a link to this website (ATLhistorymap.com) and tag @ATLsherpa. Thanks and have fun exploring!