Cybernetic Infrastructure for Underground Mining

Connect any equipment, anywhere!

Vox is a suite of networking solutions to make seam-to-surface network access possible in underground mine.

The Vox platform is built atop MineNet, a path-breaking mesh networking technology to make ubiquitous underground mine connectivity a reality.

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Our next-generation last-mile network infrastructure can be integrated into any device or machine, to access mobile mesh networks enabling off-grid communications even when cell, wifi, and satellite are unavailable.

Vox requires zero spectrum costs or right-of-way, enabling you to connect the last mile quickly, flexibly and cost-effectively.

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Design Principles


Efficient transmissions extend device battery life for intrinsically-safe, lasting mobility.

Long Range

Novel hybrid-transport, zero-control-packet routing maximizes network scalability.

Easy to use

Wearable devices paired with wireless sensors provide familiar interfaces and intra-mine computing capacity.


Developer toolkits enable seamless integrations with enterprise applications.

We are building a true state of the art mesh network for underground mining.

Existing communications technology are challenged by data growth and merging the speed of fibre with the flexibility of wireless, while making the solution intrinsically-safe for mining.