6th Grade

This week's learning!

Me gusta - No me gusta / Verbos en infifnitivo

I like - I don't like / Infinitive verbs

We will work on our daily routine that includes the calendar and the phrase of the week. This week we will have two phrases:

"Como se escribe...?" - How do you write...?

"No me siento bien" - I don't feel well

We will be learning about an important verb in Spanish (gustar = to like) that will help the students with their speaking. I will have different activities that will help the students to remember this new vocabulary. It would be a great week full of learning in a fun environment!


In our class we all thrive for great learning in a fun and respectful environment!


  • Be on time
  • Bring the Spanish notebook
  • Bring a pencil
  • Active participation

World Language Proficiency NL

I can use some simple words to provide basic information.