Español 1B

Welcome to the Español 1B page! Here you will find assignments, important documents, and helpful links for Ms. Dooling's first middle school elective.

This week in Spanish:

We are finishing up our school year by talking about our families. The final grades for this class will be based on our Family Tree project.

See the "Estudiantes Aqui" tab for the project description and the rubric for this project.

Parents Here!

To the right you will find some helpful information about the Spanish 1B class including class expectations and information about grading.

Estudiantes aquí

Hola, chicos! Below you will find a drive of important documents for class including assignments, rubrics, presentations, and the daily warm ups.

If you feel like you need to study, use the Quizlet or Conjuguemos links above. If you have questions about what is going on in class or would like to ask me about your grade, set up a time with me before or after school for us to chat.