7/8 English Language Arts Literature

Ms. Penny Bortner

UPDATE FOR THE WEEK OF 11/18/19 and How to Manage Your Work

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Classroom sign in : pbortner

Password: Excel201920

Monday: Finish all overdue assignments. Assigned article: CGI Influencers assigned article and one choice article. Due Friday, November 22nd

Tuesday: Finish your unfinished assigned Newsela assigned article and choice article

Wednesday: Finish unfinished assigned Newsela assigned article and choice article

Thursday: Finish Cyrano packet on Themes

Friday: Finish Cyrano packet on Themes

UPDATE FOR THE WEEK OF 11/11/19 and How to Manage your Work

I am trying something new to help students manage work from my class. Each day I am writing suggested work for class to complete. The reading expectation is 2 hours per week and a reading log is not required. Please keep track of what books you read for future assignments.

  • Monday: Finish Newsela ssigned article from last week: Teen Anxiety with annotations, quiz and written response and choice article for the week. Read independently tonight towards your two hours per week.
  • Tuesday/Wednesday: Work on your assigned article Newsela about Twitch and choice article. Read independently towards your two hours per week.
  • Thursday/Friday Complete any Newsela work that is due Monday, November 18th. If you need to finish any part of the assigned Twitch article or choice article, complete this before Monday.

Remember that all assigned articles need to be annotated and you need to take the quiz and respond to the assigned prompt. You only need to take the quiz for the choice article but annotating is always encouraged.

Contact Information: The best way to contact me is via e-mail. I encourage students to contact me with any questions or concerns about their assignments, grades or other classroom content. Thank you for helping your child with making these contacts to aid them in becoming self advocates. Penny.Bortner@jeffco.k12.co.us e-mails will be answered within 24 business hours. Should you need to call, feel free to leave a message at 303-467-2295 ext. 318.

Classroom Specific Calendar: Aside from nightly review of our learning targets, students will occasionally have homework or upcoming tests to prepare for. These can be found on the 7/8 assignment calendar or on our Google Classroom page.

Helpful Links for Families:

  • Dawcl.com Data Base of Award Winning Children's Literature. It is an easy to maneuver website to create a customized list of books that match your child's interests.

Curriculum: This year students will be learning the Colorado Core Knowledge 7th grade loop reading/writing as well as the 2020 Colorado State Standards that correlate with this loop.