Mrs. Tomko Math Support

How to contact me:

Phone: (303) 467-2295 ext 456

Email (for parents):

Gmail (for students):

I check and respond to my email and Gmail 2-3 times each day.

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Be Healthy for Great Learning

Whenever you feel the need (including weekends!), use ideas from this document to take CARE of yourself.

Week at a Glance


Monday 4th grade math: Lesson 3-3; 7/8 math: Lesson 9, cont.

Tuesday 4th grade: Lesson 3-4; 7/8 math: Lesson 10

Wednesday 4th grade: Lesson 3-5; 7/8 math: Practice Quiz (L6-10)

Thursday 4th grade: Lesson 3-6; 7/8 math: Quiz (L6-10); Lesson 11

Friday 4th grade: Lesson 3-7; 7/8 math: Lesson 11; Quiz corrections, if needed


  • Remember to check my Links page for some cool ideas and all sorts of activities. I have a great section for extension ideas. ☺️ ☀️