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First Day Assembly

Week at a Glance


Thursday and Friday, 3/19-20/20

You are done with Session 3 of school! Congratulations! Today and tomorrow are conference days. Please be sure that you have gone over your conference folder with your parents before our conference time. We only have about 12 minutes to talk. :-) Talk to you soon!

Wednesday, 3/18/20

We're here! The last school day before Spring Break! Who would have thought it would happen like this?

Take time today to celebrate all you learned and persevered through over these last three days of remote learning. Do the final assignments for today with the same dedication that you've been showing. And take time to play! Also, the required method at Excel for "proving" your attendance is to complete the Google Form that I will send to your email by 9:00 a.m. today (or click the link).


  • Read your book club book for about 30 minutes
    • Check in with your group in your preferred way (Gmail, Seesaw, phone calls). Will you continue to read over the break? (This is completely up to your group.)
    • Post a quick summary of your reading to date on Seesaw (page number you ended on today, characters - names and short descriptions, setting, problem).
  • That's it! It's a grammar holiday. Be sure you've submitted all other assignments from Monday and Tuesday.


  • Xtra Math (required) or Khan Academy for those who have finished Xtra Math (optional)
  • Lesson 11-6, Metric Units of Mass/Weight, video and practice work


  • Submit your realistic fiction today, even if you're not completely done. Type a note at the top of your Google doc to let me know you plan to work more on your story, if you need to. Please submit in Google Classroom for our Writing class. Here is a link to show you how to do this. You only need to watch the first 2 minutes or so ("how to submit a Google doc"). If you have trouble with this, don't worry! Just be sure to share your Google doc with me.


  • Read Chapter 9, Biosphere II - optional - it is an interesting chapter, but you don't need to take notes.
  • Your project is due today!
    • Submit a Google doc description of how the 2 spheres interact.
    • If it is a physical project, take a picture and post on Seesaw with a short description.
    • Be sure to comment on a few classmates' projects!


Focus on finishing science and writing today (and any other assignments for your L.A. and Math teachers). If you didn't do the 7 Mindsets lesson yesterday, please find time to do it today or later this week. (See the lesson details below, in Tuesday's plans.) You may need your family computer to play the YouTube video.

Today's Special - P.E. Be sure to check Ms. Pezzulo's website.


Tuesday, 3/17/20

Happy St. Patrick's Day! So many of you did an absolutely FABULOUS job yesterday! Keep up the great work! If you didn't see yesterday's information, scroll down. For "proving" your attendance, be sure to complete the Google Form I will send to your Gmail by 9:00 a.m. This is the required method at Excel for this week.


  • Read your book club book for about 30 minutes.
    • Check in with your book club members regarding where to stop on Gmail (copying me -- if you didn't already do this on Monday for the week).
    • Post two questions or predictions you have to Seesaw about your book.
  • Grammar - Khan Academy - Intro. to the possessive; its vs. it's (also noted on Google Classroom)
  • (If you haven't yet done it, please submit your Blue Carbuncle Q&A to Google Classroom by today.)


  • Lesson 11-5, Metric Units of Capacity
  • Xtra Math or Khan Academy (measurement) (optional)


  • Continue writing realistic fiction (due 3/18/20)


  • Read Chapter 8, Biosphere Interactions, and take notes.
  • Continue to work on your project (due tomorrow).


  • Read Chapter 2 and take notes; be sure to answer the "Big Question" in your notebook.
  • Practice Chapter 1-2 vocabulary using the Exploration Quizlet on my Study Resources page.

7 Mindsets - Grow Through Life (Lesson 4.4)

  • Watch this video with someone in your family
  • Talk about it! Here are some questions to think about: Which celebrity story surprised you the most, and why? What traits in common allowed these celebrities to grow? What if they had given up? How would the world be different?
  • Think about how you can "Grow Through Life," too! :-)

Today's Special: Spanish (check Senora Jacobson's website)



Well done to all of my students for your flexibility in changing schedules at a minute's notice and ability to prepare for "remote learning!" Parents, thank you for all of your support at this time. Remember, if needed, a parent can enter the school on Monday, 3/16, to pick up anything needed for remote learning school. Keep calm amidst this challenge, and carry on. If you like the sound of Sal Khan's voice (Khan Academy) and need a little down time, he has created a series of guided meditations that students and parents might like. Here is the introduction (about 1 min.). {I can't resist: If you want a somewhat ironic giggle, listen to Sal's introduction to guided meditation at 1.5 or twice the speed -- use the setting button in the bottom right corner of the video.)

Here we come, Remote Learning!

Teachers can be contacted by email Monday-Friday this week. All 4/5 teachers will be closely monitoring their Jeffco email and Gmail (if used) accounts during regular school hours.

Monday All students will have assignments posted by their L.A. and Math teachers. Please check those website pages, Google Classroom, and Seesaw, as arranged by your various teachers. Don't forget to check the Specials Teachers' websites for activities and assignments. Monday Special: Art

The following assignment overview is for my students in each class. Details will be posted or available in Google Classroom, Seesaw, PearsonRealize, etc.

Monday, 3/16/20


  • Read for about 30 minutes in your book club book.
    • Gmail with your book club group to choose a stopping point; copy me on the Gmail!
    • Post your book title and book club members on Seesaw (L.A.)
  • Finish your Blue Carbuncle Q&A by Tuesday; your Google Doc should be submitted to our L.A. Google Classroom
  • Khan Academy grammar - apostrophes and contractions (assigned in Khan Academy and also noted on Google Classroom)
  • Reminder - Cursive books were to be turned in last Friday, completed; if you didn't finish yet, keep working in your books!
  • Reminder #2 - Check Campus a few times this week, as I will enter several grades from our Sherlock Holmes and other recent assignments.


  • Lesson 11-4, Convert Metric Units of Length (video and practice/homework)
  • Xtra Math or Khan Academy (focus on measurement) - required!


Work on your realistic fiction story so that you can "turn in" a final version by Wednesday, 3/18/20 in Google Classroom. Check that you have included:

  • dialogue
  • writer's crafts (alliteration, similes, show--don't tell, etc.)
  • all story elements - characters, setting, problem/conflict, plot events, resolution, and the heart of the story - what is the lesson learned or what important idea about life have you shared?


  • Look at the Table of Contents of The Age of Exploration and browse through all of the chapters
  • Read Chapter 1 and take notes


  • Read Chapter 7 (Atmosphere interactions) and take notes
  • Continue to work on your project (how two of Earth's spheres interact) - You will share your project on Seesaw. (More info. to come.)

Important Dates

  • 3/18/20 - Literacy Day (cancelled due to remote learning due to COVID-19)
  • 3/19-20/20 - Student-led conferences - by phone (see new SignUp Genius)
  • 4/1/20 - Begin CMAS testing (no fooling!); deadline for ordering Mountain Lab School apparel.
  • 4/15-17/20 - Mountain Lab School at Camp IdRaHaJe. There is a video link on my Field Studies page. Here is a link to apparel being sold by Excel middle school students.
  • 4/24/20 - Laps for Learning, 9:00-9:30 for 4/5 students. This is also our Day Without Hate observation.
  • 4/29/20 - 6:00 p.m. - A Midsummer Night's Dream performance

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