Week at a Glance

Here's what we are learning in Room 117! Find more specific content in the Session Report Objectives tab.

Reading: Unit 1: What kinds of challenges do people face and how do they meet them?

    • Reading Skills: Character & Plot, Cause & Effect, Theme & Setting
    • Reading Strategies: Monitor & Clarify, Summarize, Inferring, Text Structure
    • Vocabulary Skills: Homographs, Homonyms, Unknown Words
    • Word Analysis Skills: Suffix -ly, Greek & Latin Roots, Compound Words
    • Literary Terms: Point of View, Hyperbole, Imagery, Sensory Details
    • Grammar: Four Kinds of Sentences, Simple & Complex Subjects/Predicates, Independent/Dependent Clauses

Writing Workshop: Expository Writing

Social Studies: American Revolution; Constitution

Math: Multiplying Decimals

Science: Geology