Session Report Objectives

Session Report Objectives: 4th Grade Loop, 4/5 Lab

Language Arts

Reading and Literature

  • Student demonstrates the ability to read, discuss, and write about classical and contemporary literature.
  • Student applies various reading strategies (e.g., prediction, cause and effect, summaries) to gain enjoyment and appreciation of literature.
  • Student can describe story elements (plot, character, setting, etc.) and relate universal themes and experiences to student’s own life.


  • Student purposefully chooses writing forms appropriate for the intended audience.
  • Student communicates information, ideas, and messages in an organized and expressive manner, including poetry, sayings, and phrases.


  • Student understands and applies spelling conventions of the English language when writing and speaking.
  • Student uses a dictionary, thesaurus, and other resources as needed.


  • Student understands and applies grammar conventions of the English language when writing and speaking, using classroom, library, and internet resources as needed.


  • Student expands vocabulary and applies it while reading, writing, and speaking.

Listening and Speaking

  • Student demonstrates listening skills necessary for proper comprehension of oral communication.
  • Student identifies the main idea of oral communications.
  • Student forms critical opinions about a speech.


  • Student can formulate a question on a topic of interest and conduct an investigation that attempts to answer the question.
  • Student selects appropriate articles, documents, pamphlets, books, or other resources, including online resources, to support an investigation.


  • Student understands place value.
  • Student can add and subtract decimals to the hundredths.
  • Student is able to fluently multiply multi-digit whole numbers.
  • Student uses models and strategies to multiply decimals and divide whole numbers and decimals.
  • Student uses equivalent fractions to add and subtract fractions.
  • Student applies understanding of multiplication and division to multiply and divide fractions.
  • Student understands volume concepts.
  • Student can convert measurements.
  • Student is able to represent and interpret data.
  • Student can write and interpret numerical expressions.
  • Student can graph points on a coordinate plane.
  • Student can analyze patterns and relationships.
  • Student is able to classify two-dimensional figures.

History and Geography


  • Student demonstrates knowledge of map skills.

American Revolution

  • Student understands the causes, conflicts, and provocations that led up to the American Revolution.
  • Student comprehends the main events, major figures, and consequences of the Revolutionary War.

U.S. Constitution, Early Presidents and Reformers, and American Symbols

  • Student understands the structure of the American Constitutional government.
  • Student comprehends how prominent people and movements influenced America prior to the Civil War.
  • Student demonstrates knowledge of American symbols.


Scientific Process (Embedded in all Units)

Student understands key components of experimental design (hypothesis, data collection, etc.) and can determine whether observations support a hypothesis.


  • Student demonstrates knowledge of a basic atom and its components.
  • Student comprehends mass, volume, and density.
  • Student understands the basic components of solutions and concentrations.


  • Student demonstrates an understanding of the Earth’s layers.
  • Student demonstrates knowledge of the characteristics of igneous, metamorphic, and sedimentary rocks.
  • Student comprehends patterns of movement in the Earth’s tectonic plates.


  • Student demonstrates knowledge of static and current electricity.
  • Student understands the basic principles of electricity and flow of electrons.
  • Student comprehends safe and unsafe electrical practices.