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Weekly Update

Wow. I am so proud of students for how they have dealt with the transition to remote learning. Moving forward, Mondays will be catch up days for students and planning days for teachers. We will reconvene on Tuesday, 4/1. Please do not hesistate to reach out to me!

A Few Notes:

  • As students use Google Chat/Hangouts, they should remember that we have a "vault" of everything they say and do. They should NOT invite anyone to join. They should be practicing good digital citizenship in times of remote learning!
  • Spring Break Ideas
  • Attendance will be taken on a form posted to Google Classroom. Students should fill this out daily by 6 p.m.
  • Here is a SAMPLE Daily Schedule. Students can "make a copy" and adjust it to their needs.

Contact Information

See the calendar for daily homework, upcoming events, project due dates, etc.

Here's What We Are Learning:

Language Arts

Comprehension - Nonfiction Text Features and Figurative Language

Literary Term - Idioms

Word Analysis - Suffixes

Genre - Fiction

Fluency: Accuracy

Vocabulary - Context Clues

Grammar - Past, Present, and Future Tenses


Topic 10: Volume


Realistic Fiction

Social Studies

European Explorers


Modeling Earth's Systems

Shout Outs, Highlights, & Hoorays:

Most of the celebrations in our room are shared via Seesaw, but below are some more!

Happy Birthday!!

3/18 Lexie

Student of the Month (March)