8th Grade Math



It’s not what happens to you, but how you react to it that matters. ~Epictetus

It always seems impossible until it is done. ~Nelson Mandela

Daily Highlights/Upcoming Events & Dates

  • Attendance will be taken by 6 p.m. based on whether it's an A day or B day. If there is some reason that you can't get that in on time, please email me.
  • Grades are still posted in Infinite Campus with those assignments not turned in by the due date as "missing"; we are suspending the 20% off per day for the rest of the school year so once the student turns in the work, it will be counted with whatever score they earn.
  • Google Classroom is where instructions, assignments, and links will be posted. I am posting deadlines there but also, since your son or daughter was used to using Google Calendar, I will be posting the due dates there so that there continues to be a sense of "normalcy" in all of this.
  • Here is a link for a possible schedule to follow if your son or daughter is struggling with needing structure: Sample Daily Schedule To maintain a sense of normalcy, if at all possible, have your child go into their Google Classroom during the time they'd normally be in class for that day.
  • Need some "Calm" just for you or your kids, the Calm people have some freebies to access during this time. If you haven't tried Calm, it has a lot of great content for helping with stress. Try out some of these: Calm freebies
  • OFFICE HOURS: (will offer both a "drop-in" format on Zoom for the first 20 minutes and then the last 40 minutes are for students who would like a one-on-one Zoom or phone call session; please have your son or daughter email me for a one-on-one meeting)
    • 10:00a-10:30a (T-F) - Zoom Meeting "Drop-In" - link will be posted in the Google Classroom
    • 10:30a-11:00a (T-F) - students can schedule an individual time if needed; please contact me by email for this
  • IMPORTANT: please note that while using Google Chat/Hangouts, there is the "Google Vault" and the school will have an entire record of everything that students are saying and doing! Students should NOT be inviting anyone else to join. Also, during normal school hours, GoGuardian is recording what websites your student(s) are going to on their school device. Practice good digital citizenship in remote learning times!

Who is Mrs. Petcoff?

  • Born in Ohio
  • Raised in Arizona
  • Moved to Colorado in 2005
  • Married to Doug, a biology professor at Metro
  • Has 2 fur-kids: Rambo & Schroeder (and 2 fur-kids that have crossed the Rainbow Bridge - Schubert and Sam)
  • Has 1 sister
  • In her spare time likes to garden, hike, sing, perform in plays and musicals, play piano, camp, & read
  • Favorite color is purple

Fun Facts/Trivia

Apparently Hippasus (one of Pythagoras' students) discovered irrational numbers when trying to write the square root of 2 as a fraction (using geometry, it is thought). Instead he proved the square root of 2 could not be written as a fraction, so it is irrational.

But followers of Pythagoras could not accept the existence of irrational numbers, and it is said that Hippasus was drowned at sea as a punishment from the gods!