8th Grade Math Geometry Algebra

Weekly Highlights/Upcoming Events & Dates

  • 8th Math (3A /3B) - continuing work with linear equations - writing and solving
  • Geometry - we will be starting on triangle congruence
  • Algebra - we are continuing work on different aspects of linear equations - solving systems of linear equations
  • Elective - we will start to wind down our learning about the stock market and trading

The Three C's:


The best way to contact me is via email. Should you need/prefer to call, you are welcome to also use my voicemail. Please note that I strive respond to emails and phone calls within 1 business day (M-F). I encourage students to start advocating for themselves and email if they have a question or concern. Note: I do not check emails/voicemail during evenings, weekends, or holidays.


  • We use Pearson's enVision curriculum that follows the Colorado State Standards:

enVisions 2.0

8th Grade CO State Standards

Geometry (see Standard 4)


  • Students will have a planner where they write all assignments on the date that it is due. As students get older and have more activities and assignments, it is very important that they stay organized. The planner should be central to knowing when assignments, upcoming tests, and activities are.
  • Assignment Calendar

Who is Mrs. Petcoff?

  • Born in Ohio
  • Raised in Arizona
  • Moved to Colorado in 2005
  • Married to Doug, a biology professor at Metro
  • Has 2 fur-kids: Rambo & Schroeder (and 2 fur-kids that have crossed the Rainbow Bridge - Schubert and Sam)
  • Has 1 sister
  • In her spare time likes to garden, hike, sing, play piano, camp, & read
  • Favorite color is purple

Fun Facts/Trivia

Most clocks which have Roman numerals on their face use IIII for four instead of the more familiar IV.