"No matter what you decide in life, you are always an artist." Jay W. Jensen

Welcome to The Art Studio!

Thank so much for ordering with Original Works. Orders were given to the students to bring home on Nov 15.

I will be placing a second order on Nov. 22. If you missed the first order, you can still order.

Current projects that the students are working on are as follows...

Kindergarten - We are starting to learn about petroglyphs and pictographs.

1st grade - We are learning about cave art and will be creating our own cave stories.

2nd grade - We are learning about several Japanese styles of art. The first is called Notan art, then we will do our fish painting, and then we will do Batiks.

3rd grade - We are learning about Mosaics.

4/5 grade - We are learning about perspective and how to draw with projection lines and vanishing points.

Click here to watch the 4/5 perspective videos.

6th grade - We are finishing our portrait projects. Our next project will be Gargoyles.

Drawing class - We are learning how to shade and shadow and how this creates three dimensional images on a two dimensional plane.