"No matter what you decide in life, you are always an artist." Jay W. Jensen

Welcome to The Art Studio!

Current projects that the students are working on are as follows...

Kindergarten - Students have created their clay projects and we will now glaze them.

1st grade - Students created their cave wall story paintings. You can come see them hanging in the art studio hall way. We will be glazing our pinch pots.

2nd grade - We are learning about several Japanese styles of art. The first is called Notan art, then we will do our fish painting, and then we will do Batiks.

3rd grade - Students are learning about the various elements of art.

4/5 grade - We are learning about perspective and how to draw with projection lines and vanishing points. I have created a series of videos for the students to watch and follow along. These videos are located on link below. Students are given time in class to do the videos. As of Dec 20 they should have completed the videos through outside perspective pt 2. Students may work on the videos at home. The video projects are due on Jan 31.

Click here to watch the 4/5 perspective videos.

6th grade - Students are learning about Fibonacci and the golden triangle.

Click here to take the 6th grade test. The test is due by Jan 16 at midnight.

Drawing class - Students are now working on their final project. The project will include shading, shadows, and perspective combined in an illustration from a story.