7th & 8th Grade Writing

Mrs. Mekelburg

Current Unit - DBQ and Science

We are working on the writing, research, and conventions for essay papers during our writing class.

Updating Grade in Infinite Campus

I update my grades once a week and grades are usually posted by Wednesday morning. The posted grades in Infinite Campus are from the week before, not the current week. If the missing works are still in the week (before posting), I will accept the work. I understand that many of our students have extracurricular activities. As a parent, I knew how frustrated you can be when you receive a D or F call. However, Excel Academy is taking pride and excellence in our students. With the encouragement and support from you, we can work as a team for your child’s future especially their education foundation.

How to Help Your Child be Successful

  1. Make sure your child is using a planner for due dates and planning out their weekly work. Schoology has a built in calendar for every class. Here is a video tutorial on how to access this feature.

    1. Login to Schoology using your Jeffco Connect username/password, or have your child login to their account. Look at the Schoology calendar each week, and help your student make a plan for studying and for completion of work.

  2. Due to our block schedule, I only see your child once a week for 90-minutes if they are a hybrid learner. I need your help in checking in on their progress. Please ask to see the work they completed in their class each day. Many students are in need of extra motivation to get work done while they are at home all day.

  3. Encourage your child to email me or attend my Friday “office hours” if they have questions or concerns. Private one-on-one meetings can also be set up by appointment.

Technology sites we will be using:

  • Flowcabulary.com - You will start seeing this on a weekly basis. This will be a "Work At Your Own Pace" but if you student needs more structure - they should complete ONE section on a daily basis to be done by the end of the trimester.

  • Quill.org

  • KahnAcademy

  • FreeRice.com (A fun game where correct answers funds feeding people.)

  • Writewellapp.com (A template to use when writing the essay for those who are needing a little bit of help getting started.)

  • Prowritingaid.com (Similar to Grammerly but on steroids.)