Welcome to 6th grade math

CURRICULUM: This year students will be learning the enVision Math program through Pearson Realize as well as the 2020-2021 Colorado Academic Standards that correlate with this loop.

Current Happenings

BW: bell work Students do this practice at the begging of the class period

CW: Class work, Work done as a class with the teachers

HW: Homework, This will be practice work done outside of the class day.

9/21 In person students will be taking the Math MAP testing today during class. Online students will be completing a math assignment.


Students will begin Topic 1 Using Positive Rational Numbers

We will be working with adding, subtracting and multiplying decimals. Although students may be able to complete homework during class anything not completed needs to be done outside school hours. This is a fantastic time to invite your child into all the many situations where you use math in your daily lives. Encourage them to make a grocery list and budget a dinner idea, help them bake using a recipe. If you go to dinner let them figure out the bill by estimating and adding the final total. The more they see it the more they will understand the importance.

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The Student will...

Weekly task list
  • Complete math homework almost every night.
  • review our learning targets on a daily basis.
  • Study for test and quizz

Google Classroom Remote learning.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Please review homework policy on late and missing work.

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I encourage students to contact me with any questions or concerns about their assignments, grades or other classroom content. Thank you for helping your child with making these contacts to aid them in becoming self advocates.

Student Contact: mlynch@excel-academy.org

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