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To all our students and your families,

We wanted to take a moment to thank you...

..for all the times you have made us laugh with your comments (in the chat or out loud).

..for all the times you have respectfully emailed and asked for clarity or support.

...for all the times you have taught us how to use new things on the computer.

..for all the times you have reached out to say thank you or express empathy.

...for all the times you have shared your stories and your lives with us.

..for all the times you have shown up even when you don't feel like it.

..for all the times you have gone above and beyond on your assignments.

...for all the times you have reached out on behalf of your children to make sure they're doing ok.

..for all the times you have supported your children behind the scenes, even in the midst of your own struggles.

..for all the times you have fought to press on another day when we have no idea what's coming next.

..for just being YOU!

We hope you can step away from your devices and enjoy life in different ways during this time away from remote learning. We wish you a blessed Thanksgiving and a restful break.

Remote Learning

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Resetting your Device

If your device is not responding, will not power on, or is stuck on a screen, try resetting your device.

Written Directions

Device running slowly?

Chromebooks have very little actual storage space. Downloads might be bogging your system down. Try deleting downloads to free up space.


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6th Grade Middle School Back to School 2020-21

Parent Q and A Recording of live meeting.

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Parent Q & A (2020-08-19 at 12:02 GMT-7)

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