Grade 6

How to Pick Each Book

Activity Choices to be Completed After Each Book is Read

  • Choice 1: Written Response. Must be in the form of a paragraph (One word answers will not be accepted)
      • What was your favorite part? Would you recommend this book to a friend? What did you learn from this text?
  • Choice 2: Create something with your hands.
      • Paint/draw a picture, create a poster, build a sculpture, as long as it is book related we will accept it!
  • Choice 3: Create something on the computer
      • Website
      • Prezi
      • PowerPoint/ Google Slides
      • Blog
  • Choice 4: Complete a Journal Entry for the Middle School Book Awards

How to get Credit for Reading Each Book

  • Each of the 3 responses can be made up of any of the above choices. Students may either hand their response in to their teacher in person upon returning to school or may complete them electronically at the links below.

Choices 1-3 can be entered here: Summer Reading Entries

Choices 4 can be entered here: Middle School Book Journal

  • Submit all entries electronically or hard-copy by Friday, August 31, 2018. No responses will be accepted after this date.

Check out these places/websites for more reading activities and incentives: