K1JST Jeremy testing the amateur station
K1HSY Dean helped setup the temporary antenna and loaned the club his Yaesu FT-991a

Join us for the Fall session of the ARRL School Club Roundup

Help us contact as many other amateur stations as we can!

We will provide licensed amateur radio control operators to oversee operations and teach radio skills, a script to follow for the contest exchange, various amateur radio equipment, and antennas to allow local, long distance, and even worldwide contacts!

If talking to people around the country and around the world using nothing more than a radio and a wire antenna sounds interesting, come and give it a try!

The Shack will be open at the EWG Sr High, Room 113B:

Wednesday, October 17th, 4:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Friday, October 19th, 1:40 pm - 5:00 pm

Metcalf Amateur Radio Club


The Exeter-West Greenwich Amateur Radio Club is intended to promote an understanding of amateur radio communications and to foster education in the fields of communications, electronics, technology and engineering and their application to science and the arts through the use of amateur radio and other related disciplines.

We will strive to provide learning opportunities to teach necessary skills for obtaining various levels of FCC amateur radio operator’s licenses, to conduct activities and programs to advance the general interest and welfare of amateur radio in the Exeter-West Greenwich Regional School District community, to establish and maintain local resources and connections to amateur radio networks to provide electronic communications for regular amateur use and to be utilized in the event of disasters or other emergencies, and to promote enthusiasm for the radio arts, amateur radio experimentation, and the multitude of science, technology, and math-related fields directly and indirectly related to amateur radio.

We offer various levels of membership. Regular Members are licensed operators with a connection to EWG. Advisory Members are adult members that may not be licensed but have a desire to further our mission. Associate Members are licensed operators that don't have a connection to EWG but want to be part of the club. Student Members are working towards obtaining their license, and will become Regular or Associate members once licensed.

We have a commitment not to charge dues for students so that financial hardship will not limit participation. We plan to raise funds through fundraisers, sales, hosting ham-fests or auctions, through donations, or by applying for grants.

Things we can do right now

  • Teach basic electronics and fundamentals of radio communications to students
  • Allow licensed students who are members to sign out equipment
  • Inform students about the community service aspects of amateur radio
  • Demonstrate amateur radio in relevant areas of the curriculum
  • Work with EWG Jr/Sr Library and/or RI Computer Museum to host maker-space/ham events that combine both hobbies
  • Invite local hams to talk about various topics
  • Participate in School Club Roundup and Field Day events with equipment loaned by members
  • Inform teachers about the resources available to them
  • Participate in ARES, OSECA, and Skywarn nets, drills and events
  • Offer amateur radio license classes

Possible Future Projects

  • Set up club stations at the EWG Jr/Sr High and Metcalf
  • Set up a station capable of AMSAT/ISS contacts
  • Set up one or more DMR Hotspots
  • Host a Winlink Gateway, AREDN Node or DMR Repeater to serve most of Kent and Washington Counties
  • Extend coverage of the NB1RI Network in our community