Evil Supply Co. is returning in the summer of 2021.

Hi. It's atty.

"Wasn't there a blog here last week?"

    • Building a blog is a lot of work.

    • Running a blog is a lot of work.

    • Maintaining a blog is a lot of work.

    • I spent about a year reading pitches, proposals, blogs, advertisements, forums, heated arguments, financial plans, and so, so many spreadsheets on "how to rebuild and optimize Evil Supply Co. for [varied corporate jargon]."

    • I spent way, way, way too many late nights coding and preparing and testing and tweaking.

I just want to make things and write about monsters falling in love.

Rather than scrutinize every angle, fight every algorithm, chat with every abcxyz-specialist, I'm just going to make things.

While working out a particularly thorny web development issue, it hit me: "I've spent a week trying to rebuild this one tiny system. I should be writing stories, not code."

So I put it all into a box, I'm using Google Sites to make this while coffee brews, and then I'm diving straight into "making things."

The relaunched business will be less profitable by a significant margin. It'll also be massively cheaper to run.

It'll also be unfathomably more fun to run already. No more code, no more reading sales pitches.

"Why do you sometimes capitalize Atty and sometimes keep it lowercase?"


What's next?

The Peyroux Dispatch Omnibus is available on Gumroad for "pay if you want."

The mailing list is available if you want to get an email when the store opens in the summer of 2021.

Shirts, zines, greeting cards are definitely coming back. I'm not sure about what else will be joining them.

The survey about future content is also open.

You can email me. These days, it is taking me a several days to get back to people because I'm thoroughly enjoying a giant stack of books, various drawing exercises, and a mountain of writing experiments.

If you're looking to sell me something, the answer is probably "no." If you're looking to know what I'm working on, the answer is probably "monsters kissing."