T5 Tennis

What's T5 Tennis?

T5 Tennis is a 'collective' of clubs and coaches subscribing to the following '5' pillars:

  • Learning and sharing
  • Winning - by mobilising all our resources (physical, intellectual, human, financial) to go as far as we can!
  • Excellence - a given in all we do
  • Respect - for our sport, each other, our differences
  • Responsibility - The 'owner's eye' to provide a parallel pathway alongside the governing body to develop players and our sport

What's T5 all about?

The principle goal of T5 is to identify individuals, clubs and centres that subscribe to those pillars and would like to collaborate on:

  1. Training camps (any length of time from 1/2 day, to 1 and 2-day camps with residential offering)
  2. Competition (trips/player plus events etc/or even just head to head friendly matches)
  3. Education - coach & parental education, seminars/workshops

T5 was originally founded by 5 organisations (Everyball Tennis/Halton UK, Gosling Tennis, Team Bath, MyTennis/Nottingham University and Bolton Arena) but has recently been reborn around the 5 pillars above and we invite any and all to join us who may catch a little of this simple vision.

How do I learn more?

For further information about T5 and our aspirations and plans, please contact Mike James at EveryballTennis/HaltonUK (+44 7958 008312)