Unit 5: Chemical Reactions

Rearrangement of Atoms

Our goal is to be able to discuss and classify chemical reactions as a rearrangement of atoms within molecules. To accomplish this we use particle diagrams and molecular models to show how atoms within molecules can rearrange to form new molecules.

5a - Balancing Chemical Reactions

You should know how to:

  • Show particle diagrams for a chemical reaction
  • Use particle diagrams to balance a chemical reaction
  • Balance a chemical reaction equation using coefficients
  • Translate a word equation into a balanced chemical equation
  • Translate a chemical equation into a word equation

5b - Types of Chemical Reactions

You should know how to:

  • Identify the type of reaction based on the chemical equation
  • Predict the products of a reaction, given the type of reaction
  • Predict and write a balanced chemical equation, given a description
  • Predict real, observable evidence for a given chemical reaction