Why Bioinformatics?

Starting with Computer Programming

Programming Basics using Python

Project 1 - Programming Basics

With a partner, you must develop a Python program that accomplishes a novel task.

Your code must:

  • Take and use a user input
  • Utilize for loops
  • Use if statements
  • Count or sort something
  • Print an accurate output

If you're trying to get that 4, it should:

  • Impress me (like, by doing something neat)
  • Use lists
  • Be descriptively commented
  • Be reasonably unbreakable

Some possible ideas include (but are definitely not limited to) writing some code that:

  • Tells how many days old someone is
  • Tells someone what day they were born on
  • Sorts a list of names alphabetically
  • Finds all the prime numbers in a list or sequence of numbers
  • ???

The last day to work on your project in class will be Wednesday, October 11th.

The final project deadline will be Sunday, October 15th.

Project 2 - Bioinformatics Tool

Either by yourself or with a partner, you need to develop a solution to a biological problem. Your solution should be programmed using Python in such a way that the solution works for any relevant data that could be used.

This could be (and probably is) a problem taken from the problem set on Rosalind.

Your code should be appropriately commented so someone could follow your logical steps if they wanted to.

Your solution to your problem will be posted online, and accompanying it will be a description explaining your problem and how your solution can save time. Your description could include the method for how you would solve your problem by hand, and how your program speeds up that process.

Your description needs to be something that can be posted digitally, such as a video, written document, or infographic.

Your problem and description will be due at the end of the week before we leave for Thanksgiving break.