Unit 2 - Chemical Bonding

VSEPR Activity

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Chemical Bonding 1

Chemical Bonding 2

Chemical Bonding 3

Very cool video on quantum mechanics and orbitals!

Chemical Bonding 4

Chemical Bonding 5

Concentration of an Unknown: Beer's Law

The goal of this lab is to determine the concentration of an unknown sample of copper sulfate. The method of doing this is by taking some absorbance measurements of copper sulfate solutions of known concentration and building a calibration curve by plotting concentration vs absorbance. By using the Beer-Lambert Law, we should be able to find the concentration of the unknown.

Your lab report should include:




  • Data table


  • Graph of concentration vs absorbance with a line of best fit
  • Sample calculations should include manual slope calculation and the determination of the concentration of the unknown
  • Line equation should be found both by manual calculation using your graph and by using a graphing program


  • Explain briefly how you determined your unknown concentration through building and using a calibration curve
  • Share your concentration value and compare it to what the jar was labelled as (0.2 M CuSO4)
  • Explain why your data might not be perfectly linear, and if you have an intercept, what this implies

Post lab Beer's Law practice problems

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