(End-of-) Summer Assignment

To get ready for AP Chemistry you will spend some time getting familiar/refamiliar with some of the vital chemistry basics.

We've got a few things that you need to get there before the start of the school year:

1. Mastering Chemistry Assignments

There are a series of assignments on the basics needed for our work in AP Chemistry. Most of this should be somewhat straight forward, and most should be review. Take note of things that you find challenging or unfamiliar.

These problems come from the course textbook, which we may not end up using much. I'll share more on that later.

Instructions for getting started with Mastering Chemistry (online homework system) and resources are posted below.

2. Periodic Table Literacy

You will be expected to be able to read a periodic table - The AP periodic table does not have element names listed.

It will be a huge investment in your own success to be able to read all of the element symbols.

There will be a week 1 quiz on this - you will be expected to list element names given their symbols and vice-versa.

Some might call this memorization (flashcards might help) - this will save you so much time later though.

Here is a good periodic table with names. Don't worry about the Lanthanoids or Actinoids or the newer elements.

3. Class Supplies

We've got to hit the ground running if we have any hope of making it through this year.

We can find accommodations for anyone that has trouble getting stuff for the class, but here is what you'll need:

    • Laboratory Notebook

You need a page-numbered quadrille notebook to record all of your labs in. You have some options:

You can order a Computation notebook. My strong recommendation. Large and easy to write in, super legit.

You can also get a composition notebook. They are less than a dollar at Target (if they still have any).

    • Blue/Black Pens

Your lab notebook must be in pen. Get something nice to write with. I have Bics if you forget - they are awful though.

A few options (take care of this now - you don't want to be waiting for your book to arrive in April):

I will be using Fast Track to a 5. I have some extras to use. It's a pretty decent review guide with practice exams.

Five Steps to a 5 tends to be pretty good. We'll see about chemistry. Includes pacing guides and practice exams.

There is a Fast Track app. It's a $7.99 purchase for two full practice exams and chapter quizzes. But that's all it is...

    • (Optional) Goggles

I got us nice, comfortable goggles to use this year, and there should be just about enough for everyone. If you want your own though, you're welcome to get some. If you take chemistry in college, you will want your own goggles.

These are the best (if you don't wear glasses).

I wear glasses - these are what I prefer.

    • (Optional) Classroom Whiteboard Markers

You'll be using markers a fair amount - maintaining a supply all year can be a challenge. Anything helps.

Mastering Chemistry Instructions

Go to Mastering Chemistry and REGISTER as a STUDENT. Our course code is HELACHEM2017.

You will then be prompted to sign in to or create a Pearson account. Using your student email account is preferable.

Make sure that you have your user name and password recorded.

When prompted for an access code, use the following: SSNAST-WHIRR-DHOBI-DOUGH-SPEIR-SITES

I've uploaded the slides that accompany the first three textbook chapters.

If you need additional help with some topics, this is a great opportunity to build your Google and Youtube skills. Find some resources you find accessible. Learn to work smart. Finding resources now will almost certainly help you in the future.

If all else fails, message me on Remind or email me. Please don't flounder.

Chapter 01 Lecture Slides.ppt
Chapter 02 Lecture Slides.ppt
Chapter 03 Lecture Slides.ppt