Mind Map Instructions

Learning Target: Students will recall their present knowledge of American history and culture.

  1. Take a piece of copy paper from the shelf and head the top right hand corner with your first and last name, date and period number.
  2. Students will create a mind map today on a blank sheet of Print Paper. The American History Mind Maps will greatly expand throughout the year as students learn to connect the past with current areas within the social sciences.
  3. Share Mind Map Art to show creative examples.
  4. Begin your Mind Map Instructions and Examples in the middle of the Paper. Create a Symbol or Image in the center of the paper that represents the topic. Then use Words, Phrases, Images, Icons, Dates, Symbols, and Visuals to represent your knowledge of the topic. Connect concepts together using colorful lines, shapes, arrows, and words.
  5. Each student will use one colored marker the entire time and will
  6. Map more recent knowledge if you cannot remember history that took place centuries ago.
American History Mind Map