Vote at 16

Learning Target:

  1. Take A48: Vote at 16 House Simulation Guide from the shelf and then take out a writing tool.
  2. Head A48 and read the Do Now statement. Choose either Agree/Yea or Disagree/Nay and then move to that place in the classroom.
  3. Discuss your vote with students who have voted either Yea or Nay. Choose one speaker to share a short statement of why your grade voted this way.
  4. Review House of Representative and Vote at 16 House of Representatives PowerPoint.
  5. Take ten minutes to read and reread the Yea or Nea Source Documents.
  6. Take ten minutes to fill out the Note Chart and write Collaborative Speeches that contain facts and passion.
  7. Complete the Exit Ticket and the Exit Do Now.
  8. Complete A48: Vote at 16 House Simulation Guide tonight.