Our Masjid

This section tells you about the Craven Arms Islamic Centre masjid.

The Masjid has the following features

  • Main prayer area
  • Reception area (to remove and store shoes) with underfloor heating
  • Wudu (ablution area)
  • Mehraab (where the Imam stands leading prayer, facing Makkah the holiest city in Islam)
  • Islamic calligraphy and artifacts
  • Library
  • After-school children's class (Maktab)
  • Kitchen facilities (for Ramadan and event catering)
  • Dome (but no minaret)
  • Islamic designs in tiles, carpets and windows
  • Sisters prayer area (including wudu ablution & baby facilities)
  • Disabled toilet & ramp

The following features are to be added in due course

  • Mimbar (traditionally the Imam's platform for sermons)
  • Islamic garden with fountain

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