New in MLM business?

This beginner's guide is the ideal source of information for a powerful start. From the planning of your week to the traps, the attitude, the mentality and much more,

«MLM Business - Organizing tips and more…»

is the most suitable manual for your new business activity.


Anthi Psomiadou is a published author,trainee life coach and an entrepreneur who comes from Greece and lives in Cyprus.

For the last 10 years, she runs an MLM business along with her husband.By being fully focused there for the first seven years(before becoming a mother) and, having both of them taken advantage of the benefits of MLM opportunity, she can now -for the last 2 years- run other businesses as well that have to do with her hobbies and talents.

She is 35 years old. She often feels older. One of her great teachers in life is -according to her words- her 3 years old son,Christos, who is her top priority in life.

"I read a lot, I write a lot and I never stop sharing moments with my beloved ones. My family and my inner balance are my top priorities in life. Everything else comes second".