Cooking in english!

Taste and Texture Adjectives

Bitter - Having a strong, often unpleasant taste e.g. coffee, dark chocolate.

Sweet - Usually an enjoyable taste of sugar.

Dry - Not wet.

Moist - A little wet.

Bland - Boring, not interesting.

Spicy - Having strong flavours from spice.

Savoury - Not sweet e.g. bread.

Rich - Rich food has a lot of butter, cream, or eggs in it.

Salty - Tastes of salt.

Tasty - Good flavour and is nice to eat.

Sugary - Tastes of sugar.

Greasy - Containing or covered with fat or oil.

Scrumptious - delicious.

Sour - Having a sharp taste e.g yogurt, lemon.

Piping hot -Very hot.

Crunchy - Firm and making a loud noise when it is eaten.