Meet our Musical Director

Musical Director: Murray Wham

Having bounced between different parts in the group since it began in 2012, Murray joins us as our new musical director for 2021! It’s his job to select repertoire, rehearse the group to get the most out of the pieces we play, and finally to get us through each concert at the end of the semester.

When he’s not conducting us or crunching biological data for the university, he can be found jamming with jazz groups, dancing to swing bands, and playing trombone in the horn section of Edinburgh-based rock band Spylaw.

Favourite Clarinet Choir piece:

Probably Celebration. Great mix of fast energy and calm chorale, with rich harmonies throughout. I first heard it in Cardiff in 2016, when I went to a clarinet masterclass event along with our group’s fabled founder Joe, and we were quick to bring it back up to Edinburgh!