3rd Grade Distance Learning

During these school closures, we will continue to deliver educational opportunities through Distance Learning. Please use this page to help you navigate our temporary online learning situation. Please click on the different pages for links to science, social studies, math, and reading resources.

Please see the Etiwanda School District Website for updates on school closures.


No Distance Learning lessons will be provided during Spring Break March 23-27.

Help Desk email: HelpDesk@etiwanda.org

Summer Learning Opportunities

3rd Grade Summer Learning: Reading Menu
3rd Grade Summer Learning: Math

Please use the directions below to access your child's Google account/useful district links. Your child can access their Google classroom by logging into their Etiwanda Google account first.

Etiwanda's Useful Links: http://cb.etiwanda.org/chromebooks/

Useful Links Directions .pdf

How to access Google Classroom

  1. Go to website www.classroom.google.com
  2. In the top right corner, click on the “Sign In” button
  3. Students will type their email (it’s their username with @etiwanda.org) and password.
  4. Once they sign in, please have them click on their teacher's class.
  5. All assignments will be available when they click on “Classwork.”

Helpful Hints:

--Make sure that everyone is logged out of Google Chrome on the device before having your student sign in.

--For ConnectED click the ConnectED link at the website above then choose the ConnectED button on the apps page that opens.

--For i-Ready click on the i-Ready link on the web site above then choose "Log in with Google" when the i-Ready window opens

--Passwords are case sensitive.​​