Agrofarm (UK) Ltd. is engaged with the production and the trade of biomasses of all kind, especially of vegetable oils, oil of cotton seed, sunflower, rapeseed, bio waste.

Agrofarm is active in Italy and Greece their clients are mainly operators of biomass power plants, especially the sister company Greenworld Power Srl. Milano.


​Produces electric power out of biomass power plants

✓ vegetable oil

✓ treated waste wood

✓ liquid manure

✓ compostable materials

✓ waste material from foodstuff production

The Agrofarm Group business is based upon sound and proven “Green principles”. Agrofarm group was founded in order to create an environmentally friendly, renewable energy supply focused on various bio mass feed stocks. Operations are based in Northern Italy where the demand is proven and constant and the returns available justify the investment required.

Agrofarm London as Holding company operates a subsidiary "Agrofarm Green Bond Ltd," which operate at different location by three different subsidiaries.

Agrofarm (UK) Ltd. Is a feed stock and oil trading company holding relevant licenses (ISCC) for the production, the trade and delivery across Europe of various bio mass feedstocks including vegetable oils.

Greenworld Power SRL (GWP) owns and operates two oil burning bio mass power generating plants in Italy (see details below) and Berbenno Energia Srl. owns and operates one such plant.

These current plants produce CHP (Combined Heat and Power) the electricity generated is sold via the grid to ENEL (The State Utility Company) and they are generating power under Italian statute.

The plants when operational qualify and earn “green certificates “which are underwritten and paid quarterly in arrears by ENEL subsidiary GSE for the guaranteed revenue period of 15 years (from connection).

The minimum guaranteed sales price for the electricity and the green certificates is 28 euro cents per Kilowatt hour. The minimal price of 28 euro cents is guaranteed and paid by GSE according to Italian legislation. The heat is sold to various commercial clients within close proximity to the bio mass plants normally on rolling annual contracts. The heat is sold for a price of 6.5 euro cents per kilowatt hour. The plants where the heat cannot be sold or the cost of delivery is prohibitive will be upgraded with additional turbines that will generate additional electricity (heat recycling) which therefore decreases the oil consumption per produced KW and ensures the optimum use of resources...

Project Key Points:

• Existing Plants are up and running owned and operated by the group, producing combined heat and power (CHP).

• Long Term State Power Purchase Agreements in place

• Electrical connection to Grid in situ

• Technology Proven over 30 Years

• Experienced O & M Company

• Additional Heat generated and sold under purchase agreement established at Bergamo plant.

• Full cradle to grave Insurance Wrap in place with investment grade insurers.

• Experienced management team


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