Tech on the Terrace

11/10/17: Flipgrid

Have you heard about Flipgrid yet? If not, when you do, you’ll be flipping out for the awesome features that Flipgrid offers educators. Flipgrid is a video response platform where you can post a discussion topic and participants respond via short video recordings. Teachers can provide feedback on video responses and students can provide feedback to one another! Flipgrid even integrates with Google Classroom offering you yet another tool for formative assessment and student voice. To sign up for Flipgrid, visit

By now, you must be wondering how you can use Flipgrid in YOUR classroom, visit this live EXAMPLE FLIPGRID to hear how high school teachers and learning coaches are using Flipgrid around the country! Please, feel free to reach out to us if you would like to discuss all that Flipgrid has to offer and how to best integrate it into your classroom instruction. We'd also be happy to share directions for how to gain access to the paid features of Flipgrid through our school account!

9/1/17: Getting Started with GoGuardian

This year we've replaced the features of Teacher Dashboard with Google Classroom for managing classroom workflow and GoGuardian to help monitor students while on the Chromebooks. In this session we focused on how to set up and use GoGuardian efficiently and effectively. For additional help, check out our Getting Started Guide.

8/21/17: Get Your Tech Life Started at ETHS

Welcome back! It's a new year, and we are excited to be back! To kick of the new school year, we have created an infographic (below) to guide you through the steps of setting up your EdTech world. This is designed to help you forward your email, set up your Teacher Access Center (TAC), start your Google Classroom, get comfortable with GoGuardian and more.

4/21/17: Google Keep

Thanks to everyone who came out to Tech on the Terrace last week to learn more about Google Keep. In case you missed it, you can keep up with this helpful Google Keep Guide that will help you get started with using Google Keep.

At Tech on the Terrace we focused mainly on the following points:

  • Google Keep Basics
  • The integration of Google Keep and Google Docs
  • Giving instructional feedback using Google Keep

If Google Keep is a tool that you would like to investigate further and are looking to learn more about it with our support, feel free to reach out to us and we will be happy to come work with you!

3/10/17: Hyperdocs

Thanks to everyone who came out to Tech on the Terrace last week to learn more about Hyperdocs. In case you missed it, you can learn more about what they are and how to use them by visiting our hyperdoc about hyperdocs at

Also, last week we attended and presented at the Midwest Google Summit (MWGS). While we always hope that attendees walk away with big ideas, we definitely leave these conferences with our own takeaways that we are eager to share. In the case of MWGS, here are two to keep you satiated until Tech on the Terrace in April.

  • Google Keep - Keep now integrates with Google Docs and allows teachers to add canned comments to Google Docs! This is a great tool for providing feedback on essays as well as helping students to organize their notes and research.
  • Voice to Text in Slides - Speak your speaker notes and let Google Slides do the typing!

As always, if you are interested in meeting with one of us to dive deeper into any of the above-mentioned items, please don’t hesitate to reach out!

ToT 2/3/2017: Whiteboarding

Thanks to everyone who visited us at Tech on the Terrace last Friday to learn more about creating Whiteboarding videos. Check out the mashup of demos that you made while visiting! In case you missed us, feel free to have a look at the resources we put together for Whiteboarding here.

ToT 1/7/2017: Google Cast for Education

Over winter break, you may have spent time relaxing, recuperating, and catching up. Or, if you’re like us, you expended a lot of energy trying to entertain your children. In our case, we found that casting German cartoons from a Chromebook to a display screen provided a much needed moment of stillness for our toddlers (pictured below). This got us thinking about how many teachers might be interested in learning how to securely share student screens through projection in the classroom. Continue reading to find out how!

Google Cast for Education is a free Chrome app that allows students and teachers to share their screens wirelessly anywhere in the classroom without any additional equipment! Students can cast their Chromebook screens to the projector through the teacher’s computer. Essentially, you could have your students cast anything from graphs, to documents, to images and more right to the projector! Don’t worry, teachers control who can share and always have the ability to disconnect students at any time.

A few facts to know about Google Cast for Education:

  • Students do not need to have any special apps or extensions to cast their Chromebook screens to their teacher’s computer (as long as their Chromebook is up to date).
  • Teacher’s can restrict which classes through Google Classroom or specific students can have the ability to cast their screens
  • Teachers can set privacy settings so that only students who have permission to cast must have their cast accepted by the teacher prior to casting their screens
  • Teachers at ETHS already have the Google Cast for Education app and do not need to add it

For more information to help kickstart your use of Google Cast for Education in the classroom click HERE or make an appointment with one of your tech integration team members.

ToT 12/2/2016: Firefly by Kurzweil

At the last Tech on the Terrace we were joined by Tori Foreman who introduced us to Firefly by Kurzweil, a tool that is available to all students and staff at ETHS! Firefly by Kurzweil is an all in one tool that allows students to annotate pdfs, have text from pdfs or documents read aloud to them, highlight text, translate text and much more! All teachers and students should have access to Firefly through the Additional Tools menu on the ETHS website .

If you are having difficulty logging in or find that an account has not been created for you, feel free to reach out to Tori Foreman at For more information about all the great things that you can do with Firefly click HERE!

ToT 11/4/2016: Student Video Creation

In case you missed this month’s Tech on the Terrace (ToT), where we went over tips and tools for encouraging your students to make their thinking visible through video creation, we would like to provide you with the resources to begin investigating on your own! By CLICKING HERE you will access the slide deck that was used at this past ToT updated with resourceful links as well as helpful tips to get started with implementing student video creation in your class. This resourceful slide deck can also be accessed by going to

If video creation is something that you have considered and would like further support in the planning and implementation, we would be happy to set up a time and meet with you on an individual or small group basis.

ToT 10/5/2016: Communicating With Parents Through Google Classroom and Remind

Happy Fall Conferences! This is a great time to connect with guardians and fill them in on ways they can help their children keep on track in your classes. For those of you using Google Classroom and/or Remind, this is a perfect opportunity to provide guardians with the chance to join your Classrooms and/or Remind Groups. Please see the tips below if you need help getting guardians signed up for either.

Google Classroom

Guardians are able to opt in to receive emails with updates about their children’s activities in Google Classroom. This will include a summary of missing and due student work as well as a class summary of assignments and announcements (it does not include grades). To set this up, you will need to manually invite guardians via email addresses. Since this can take up precious time during your conference slot, we recommend you add guardians after the fact and instead plan a way to collect email addresses during your conferences to add later. This could be through a paper registration form or by having parents email you to request to be added to your Google Classroom. For detailed instructions on how to add guardians to your Classroom, please view the instructions with screenshots in this document.


Unlike Classroom, Guardians can add themselves to your Remind class groups directly. They will need to text a certain code to a certain number connected to your Remind classroom group. Luckily, Remind makes these directions easy to print and hang outside your classroom so guardians can join while waiting for their conference. Please view the steps in this document to learn how to easily print PDFs with instructions for guardians to follow.

Let us know if you need any assistance setting either of these up.

ToT 9/2/2016: What's new in Google Classroom & Quizzes in Forms?

In case you missed this month's Tech on the Terrace here's a recap of the topics that were covered hyperlinked to resources to support you further!

8/30/16: Looking to Organize Your Google Class Stream?

Have you tried attaching topics to your Google Classroom posts (assignments, announcements, etc.)? Choosing or creating a topic to include with your posts will allow students the ability to quickly filter through their streams by topic! Check out THIS short video for a visual demonstration of the use of topics in Google Classroom.

8/18/16: Google Classroom & Google Sites

Resources to check out when setting up your Google Classroom: