Travel Log

On this page we are collecting stories from students and teachers who have experienced Google Expeditions so far. Have a story to share? Send it to for posting here.

Joseph, a sophomore in Mr. Wool's World History class, shares his experience with ETHS Expeditions:

"I was very excited to hear that we would be doing Google Expedition in class. So far this year we have tried it twice and it just keeps getting better and better. Besides the small time it takes to get used to it, Google Expedition is definitely an activity I look forward too. Experiencing a 360 view of a completely foreign place while still being in class is beyond cool. Although, we all look pretty goofy just spinning around in our desks looking into a pair of blacked out goggles. All I can say is I can't wait to do it again!"

Ms. Feldman - on her experience taking her Biology class on an Expedition to various biomes:

"Seeing students excited about what we're studying. Certain students who normally are not engaged, were."

Desirae describes her experience in the Gulf of Mexico with Ms. Skweres' Biology class:

"My trip was one of the few lessons I've been taught in my life that was unique and memorable solely due to the fact that it was an immersive experience."

Ms. Connie - on her experience taking her Humanities class to ancient Greece and Rome:

"It gave them a chance to see places they may never be physically able to travel to in their lifetime. It also will give them a chance to develop settings for their myths that are more realistic now that they have seen ruins. They have a better concept of what life was like hundreds of years ago."