Google Educator Cohorts

Thank you for visiting the homepage for the ETHS Google Certified Educator Cohort! The goal of this cohort is to guide you through Google's Level 1 and Level 2 Educator training units, all of which are available online through Google at: After completing all of the online units, cohort members will qualify to take the Google Level 1 or 2 Educator certification exams, which can take up to three hours. To help cohort members we have created a schedule of 1-2 units per week to help with pacing. Assignments will be shared through Google Classroom with due dates as suggested check points but not mandatory. The goal is to try to keep cohort members on track, not to add stress to the daily routine. :)

Make sure to visit the ETHS Google Certified Educator Hall of Fame below and help us celebrate the successes of our colleagues!

Google Level 1 Cohort Hall of Fame