Spirit Week (Oct 14 - 18)

10/14 Monday: Twin day

  • Event: Class Soccer Tournament

10/15 Tuesday: Gender Swap

  • Event: Miss LVHS

10/16 Wednesday: PJ Day

  • Event: Project Runway

10/17 Thursday: Class Colors

  • Event: Pep Rally

10/18 Friday: Red & White

  • Event: Lip Sync

Flu Clinic Paperwork

Fill out and sign the paperwork to get a flu shot

Healthy Kids Survey

If you do NOT want to participate, sign and return this form:

AP Fees

AP Fees Letter from Heidi Torix

Fees are due Friday November 8th.

Make checks payable to Eastern Sierra Unified.

If you are enrolled in an AP class (not an honors class) with the exact name of the test you are taking, then the district will cover $40 of the $85 fee and the price is $45. If you are not, then you must pay the full fee of $85 (Honors World History, AP Spanish, AP Calculus BC).

Library Survey

Please take our library survey so that we can make our library better for you.

English Survey

Spanish Survey

College and Career Fair

Date: Wednesday, October 2

Time: 3:00-6:00

Location: Mammoth High School, Multi-Purpose Room and Library, 365 Sierra Park Road

Who: All those wanting to learn more about opportunities after high school

See the Spanish or English Flyer for more information

In order to go to the college and career fair with the school, you must have you permission slips in!

English Permission Slip

Spanish Permission Slip

Delayed Start 9/17


School will begin 2 hours later than normal.

Busses will pick up students 2 hours later this morning.

Yosemite Permission Slip

Get your Yosemite Permission Slip signed ASAP!

English Permission Slip

Spanish Permission Slip

AP and Honors Summer Reading

Please be sure that you finish the following summer reading assignments by the first day of school, Monday, August 19. All juniors and seniors taking AP English Literature, AP U.S. History or Honors World History classes must complete following reading and note-taking assignments:

AP English Language & AP U.S. History:

Honors World History:

The note-taking assignment is due on August 19 and you will be tested on your understanding of the texts later in the week. You will receive credit in English classes as well as U.S. History for these summer assignments once school begins.

Note-Taking Assignment

In order to give you credit for taking notes and reading actively and to ensure that you read carefully, you will be given points in history and English classes for taking notes.

For English: Use post-its to annotate (mark passages and write notes/thoughts on specific lines of your books--be reflective and analytical, don’t summarize). Be sure that your notes are thorough enough. You should mark something with a post-it at least every ten pages and have several more in-depth reflections. Express your opinion and analyze more than you summarize.

For History: Read the two textbook chapters and take notes using the Cornell Notes format on a separate sheet of paper or a computer. At the end of each section there will be a reflection question. Most of your grade will be tied to your reflections and review. Use the vocabulary and essential questions sheet to help with this. We will have a quiz the first week of school and you will be able to use your notes for the quiz.

Due Date: Tuesday August 19, 2019

Tips for Summer Reading

  • Please don’t wait until the last minute, but the book should be fresh in your mind at the beginning of the school year. We recommend beginning reading around July 19. This will give you one month to finish the books.
  • Read carefully and actively; don’t just breeze through the book. You will be responsible for a test and several writing assignments on the texts, so you need to remember details. Use the required note-taking assignment to help you read actively.
  • All together you will be able to earn a great deal of points from the summer reading (a comprehension test, the note-taking assignment, and a few writing assignments once school begins), so read carefully and enjoy the books.
  • If you have any questions or feel like you don’t fully understand the assignment, please call or email Ms. Taylor (920-1678 - or Mr. Godoy (914-3328 -