We started with an Adaptrum 3 radio base-station located at ESU 5 mounted on a 65 foot pole. We are using (3) 90 degree sector antennas located on the East side of the pole. Adaptrum ACRS 2.0 CPE radios with yagi antennas were then located at 4 locations across town, with our farthest radio being just over 3 miles from the base-station. Once the TVWS link was established we then brought up WiFi using Ubiquiti UAP-AC-M-PRO and UAP-AC-M mesh radios. Using UAP-AC-M mesh radios allows us to expand the WiFi coverage via wireless up-links back to the UAP-AC-M-PRO Access Points.

All radios are fed from a 2.5Gbps pipe to the Internet residing at ESU 5. Connections are firewalled and controlled through a Fortinet Firewall and Ubiquiti radios are managed through a Unifi Controller hosted on site.

Beatrice, NE Homework Hotspots Map