Elementary PROGRAMMING Lessons with QUORUM and Robots

Tentative Overall abstract and goal

These are a sequence of elementary (grades 3-6) computer science lessons with related Physical Science , Life Sciences , Mathematics, and Fine Arts goals and content. It is designed with 12 multipart lessons with additional time for student exploration and projects.

Goal: Using the Quorum Programing Language, Sodbeans and a Lego EV3 robot ,the learner will be able to create and execute computer/robot programs that demonstrates the variety of skills need in text based programing.

At this time only the 3rd and 8th Unit and 11th unit are almost complete. Additional lesson will be available as time permits .

The parallel Student Site template will be created after the competition of the Teacher website with the ability for the teacher to add or remove resources that would best fit there students and teaching style.

Proposed Units for the EV3 Elementary Intro Computer/Robot Programing

  1. Intro (Demonstrations, Vocabulary building, assessment and making adaptive technology adjustments to hardware.)
  2. Computer programing? Talking to your robot using a computer.
  3. Moving your robot and adding a sound (motors and simple brick sounds Repeat)
  4. Stopping your robot (touch sensor)
  5. Making Music (color/photo sensor)
  6. Changing direction (wheelchair turning)
  7. What if... (If/ELSE/ELSEIF)
  8. Avoiding Objects (ultrasonic sensor)
  9. Following a line (color/photo sensor)
  10. Speed vs Distance (Gathering data and graphing it)
  11. Robots in the Dark (Other uses of the color/photo sensor)
  12. Student projects


Every effort has been made this website accessible to all users. If you find some aspect is not accessible please contact the webmaster, Tim Lockwood at lockwood@mywebpad.net and he will correct any issues as soon as possible or may offer solutions that make use of assistive technology. The Sodbean/Netbean IDE has been found to be accessible to most users. If you needs assistance with the IDE and accessibility you may wish to visit the quorum programing language site for additional information. The Lego EV3 robot Brick is not very accessible to Blind and LowVision users. At this time the SEEING AI by Microsoft for the iOS devices seems to work well reading text on the EV3 LCD screen but data has not been gathered and shared on how effective this is. Additional tips on how to overcome these issues can be found in the Unit Support area.

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