8: Avoiding Objects

Using the Ultrasonic Sensor - Tentative abstract and goal

This is a elementary (grades 3-6) computer science unit with related physical science (sound/acoustics) and zoology (creatures that use ultrasound in nature) goals.

Goal: Using the Quorum Programing Language and a Lego EV3 robot the learner will be able to create or complete a computer/robot program that demonstrates using ultrasonic sounds with IF and ELSE to locate/avoid objects.

Below you will find Lesson Plans and Computer Code in text and with links to download the complete projects from GitHub, Related Webpages and videos, and Handouts

Lesson Plans and Sample Computer Code

Elementary Robot Lesson 8.1
Elementary Robot Lesson 8.2
Elementary Robot Lesson 8.3
Elementary Robot Lesson 8.4
Wall Follower Robot: Complete Code
Wall Follower Robot: Student Code
Avoid Objects Solution Code 8.
8.4 Avoid Objects Student Code

Media and Additional Resources for Unit 8


Pick and choose the videos that best meet the age and interests of your students. They make good opening or closing activities for any of the lessons while students are gathering.

Handouts, Quizzes, Printable Resources

Lesson 8.2 Follow Wall - Page 1
Lesson 8.4 Flow chart - Page 1
Lesson 8.3 Template for Flowchart symbols
Lesson 8.3 Quiz
Lesson 8.3 Flowchart for Making Toast - Page 1